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Taiwan IP Court finds Gudeng Precision infringing Entegris’s patent right
E190325Y1 | Apr. 2019(E233) Back    
 US-based leading supplier of semiconductor wafer and reticle carrier, Entegris, Inc. initiated a patent lawsuit against the Taiwanese competitor, Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. (“Gudeng Precision”) in 2015, alleging that Gudeng Precision infringed upon Entegris’ Taiwanese patent entitled “Reticle Carrier Including Reticle, Positioning and Location Means” by the “Reticle SMIF Pod” product manufactured and sold by Gudeng Precision (“infringing product”).  On March 22, 2019, Taiwan IP Court rendered a judgment against Gudeng Precision in the first instance proceedings and awarded Entegris TWD978,869,835 in damages which is equivalent to 1.5 times Gudeng Precision’s sales volume of the infringing product sold from 2009 through 2018, TWD650,000,000 and more.

  Gudeng Precision held a press conference and issued a press release, announcing that Gudeng Precision will post security in the amount of TWD978,869,835 to be exempted from provisional execution of the damages awarded to Entegris before the judgment becomes final.  That is to say, the judgment will not affect Gudeng Precision’s business operation.  Gudeng Precision also stated that they will appeal this judgment and take other steps against many unreasonable and disputes in the judgment.  They will also produce evidence to win this case in the long run.  In the meantime, Gudeng Precision indicated that their company runs as usual and none of their customers’ rights and interests will be prejudiced accordingly.  (March 2019)