Technical Supporting

Office & Information Management 

Compact Organization and Coordinated Taskforce
 Practice of the IP profession and resolution of IP issues each takes well-organized teamwork to tackle. This is why TIPLO has been investing not only in recruiting the best professionals and staff members, but also in improving its IT infrastructure and office automation system, securing and ergonomical and eco-friendly working environment that attracts talents to join us, and creating a friendly ambience where our staff as well as all of our clients and associates enjoy working within. TIPLO’s self-sufficient, multiple-functional and coordinated workforce enables the firm to help clients accomplish their goals to their satisfaction.

TIPLO’s Data Bank and Computerized Management
 TIPLO’s computerized database and management system created in the 1980s is acclaimed by our clients and the IP society as a model of Taiwanese IP law firms’ commitment to providing efficient quality legal services.
 Our database of published Taiwanese patents, laid-open Taiwanese patent applications and published Taiwanese trademarks operates as an accurate and reliable source for conducting patent and trademark searches and handling all types of IP work. Unlike the other databases available nowadays, TIPLO’s computer system is maintained by our full-time software engineers to meet the various and sophisticated demands from all users and clients of TIPLO. Clients may always tap TIPLO for the up-to-date patent status of the industry in general or any target for purposes of , among others, licensing negotiation, patent infringement assessment, and enforcement feasibility analysis. This increasing treasure trove will continue to hallmark TIPLO’s services in Taiwan’s IP industry.

The Information & Publication Department
 To cope with the increasing demand for quality processed information searching and publication to assist our professional staff in handling complex work, TIPLO created a special data management team comprising members with professional librarian trainings.
 TIPLO has been diligent in publishing “TIPLO Review”, ”TIPLO News”, ”TIPLO Special Report” to communicate with clients and associates worldwide, and has received warm feedback from them.

Modernized Office Space
 Sufficient office space enables TIPLO to secure automated office environment and efficiently deploy staff and working stations for the best teamwork operation. Armed with ubquetous internet wireless service, our meeting area could allow clients to communicate freely and engage in multiple video conference.

Tokyo Liaison Office
 As an extension of our international contact, TIPLO Tokyo Liaison Office has been operating since the 1970’s.
 Our allegiance and finesse in serving the clients best interest is widely appreciated by t he clients and associates.

Mission and Commitment
 In TIPLO, we share in common the philosophy to always seek the best possible efficient approach to achieve optimal work results in the best interest of the clients and practice it with well researched and developed innovation. This straightforward value helps us build sustaining relationship with our clients/associates and will continue to represent TIPLO as one of the top choice law firms to IP right holders worldwide.


1. General Affairs & Administration Dept.

  • Debit and Disbursement Management

  • Financial Administration

  • Personnel Administration

  • Facility Administration

  • Mail & Telecommunication Administration

2. Information & Publication Dept.

  • TIPLO Library and Information Resources Management, Development & Maintenance of TIPLO Information Processing System

  • Tracking & Analysis of Information Related to Major Industries in Taiwan Used for General Reference & Licensing Project

  • Updating & Reporting on Law Amendments and Court Decision

  • Digesting Information from Legal & IP Professional Sources and Gazettes to Construct TIPLO Information Data Bank

  • Construction of TIPLO Web-Site, Publication of TIPLO Review, TIPLO News and TIPLO Special Report

3. Computer Dept.

  • Construction and Maintenance of the TIPLO Owned Database Containing All Patent and Trademark Publication Data in Taiwan

  • Construction and Maintenance of the TIPLO Management Database

  • Maintenance of the Computer Network and Data Processing Software Application Creation

  • Computer hardware & Application Training and Trouble Shooting

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