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 TIPLO - Taiwan International Patent & Law Office was founded in 1965 by M. S. Lin and a group of professional legal and technical associates specializing in intellectual property rights. Over five decades of evolution characterizes TIPLO as one of the largest and most reliable intellectual property law firms in Taiwan with diversified expertise to encompass IP as well as general legal services provided by a full service law firm.

 TIPLO is conveniently located in the heart of the modern office building area of Taipei, occupying more than 7,800M2 of office space. TIPLO now maintains two IBM AS/400 computer systems with more than 300 LAN connected PC terminals. With the firm's successful computerization launched in 1984, TIPLO 's business operation is substantially conducted and accurately monitored under the sophisticated computerized management system.

 TIPLO is staffed by over 290 full-time members*. Our members comprise multilingual professionals fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and other languages. In addition to several Ph.D. and Doctoral Candidates, thirty-three of over 100 technical engineers handling patent prosecution work hold Master Degrees in special fields of technology ranging from traditional engineering and art areas to high-tech genres. Among the 16 Lawyers & 32 Patent Attorneys/Patent Agents, more than half hold degrees from National Taiwan University, known as the top university in Taiwan, and most of the lawyers received LL.M. Degree and MIP Degree respectively from various prestigious universities including Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, NYU, the University of Washington, and Franklin Pierce Law Center.

 Above solid professionalism, time-honored proficiency and highly upheld ethic standards, simplicity of our organization is one of the major strengths of TIPLO. The firm is mainly composed of three departments: Patent Department, Trademark Department and Legal Department.



Patent Department
 Intellectual property has long been TIPLO's major practice area. The firm provides services for patent related matters such as prosecuting applications (including: patent claims drafting, translation, preparing and filing applications, arranging interviews with Examiners and communicating with the competent authorities orally or in writing, patent searches and investigations, etc.), invalidation and cancellation proceedings for patents, infringement related matters involving infringement assessment, patent validity appraisal and patent mapping.
 Our patent engineers and attorneys have and average age of around forty and career length of more than ten years with expertise and experience covering a wide range of technical backgrounds including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, applied chemistry, biochemical engineering, molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, computer technology and other emerging areas.

Trademark Department
 Trademark prosecution and disputes resolution have long been TIPLO’s feature merits since it was founded in 1965. Experienced lawyers and legal practitioners are involved in TIPLO’s trademark services so prosecution of each application and resolution of trademark related disputes both are steered under highly proficient legal sense and practical business perspectives. With our own comprehensive patent and trademark databases tracking all of Taiwan’s published patents and trademarks, TIPLO’s professionals are able to fine-tune each trademark application to its best caliber against all possible odds.
 TIPLO’s trademark expertise covers all aspects of trademark matters, including trademark searches, prosecution for registration, appeals, oppositions, invalidation and cancellation procedures, and relevant legal services involving investigation, infringement assessment, coordination of police raids and full-scale litigation.

Legal Department
 As one of the most diversified and well-staffed law firms in Taiwan, TIPLO provides legal services encompassing civil and criminal litigation, unfair competition, corporate investment, administrative petitioning, finances, securities, insurance, international trade and dispute resolution, arbitration, licensing negotiation, contract & transactions, labor law and real estate law, patent, trademark and copyright infringement matters involving investigation, infringement assessment, police raids full-scale litigation for infringement carried out in agile coordination with our colleagues in the patent and trademark departments.
 Our proficiency in IP enforcement and corporate legal matters has been highly recognized by both the law enforcement institutes of all levels and the industry, and has reinforced TIPLO as the most effective law firm representing the interest of its clients.

The Computer Department and the Computerized Management
 The Computer Department is one of the unique self-sustaining achievements by M. S. Lin, TIPLO’s founder with a view to providing our clients and associates with modernized comprehensive legal services.
 For legal, patent and trademark prosecution work, a solid and well-maintained computerized platform to precisely docket each legal case and application at all stages is indispensable for a well-established firm to be able to provide good services.
 TIPLO’s computer system is composed of PC-LAN and IBM AS/400 computer systems. The two systems are channeled with appropriate media to enhance the viability of the data processed. The two systems are channeled with appropriate media to enhance the viability of the data processed. The PC LAN used in TIPLO is composed of more than 300 terminal PCs with strict access control, and the entire intranet is protected by advanced fire wall and security measures. Electronic mailing is strictly screened to safeguard our intranet.
TIPLO’s computer system is operated in three spheres. It 1) stores the database of published Taiwanese patents and trademarks that traces back to the 1950’s; 2)stores the key information of all the cases handled by TIPLO Including the records of the work performed and the personnel data of the handling staff; and  3) clientele, office management and the billing system.
 This powerful in-house developed computer system and our devoted and accuracy-minded working staff combined enables TIPLO to perform quality services with its limited number of staff in the face of  one of the biggest workloads entrusted to Taiwan’s IP service firms.

Proficiency and Loyalty
 In TIPLO, we value relations with our clients and associates. We sincerely hope that all of our clients and associates will continue to appreciate TIPLO’s initiative and efforts to optimize our service in the best interest of the clients.

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