Taiwanese youtuber AmoGood sued for copyright infringement

E180608Y3 Jul. 2018(E224)
 The popular internet celebrity, AmoGood is best known for a series of short clips of “Watching a Movie within Whatever Minutes” he made and for his personal introductions and comments he added therein; AmoGood has made a phenomenon with his sensational and sarcastic review commentaries and gained a lot of followers and one hundred thousand click-throughs.  AmoGood’s short clips, however, brought himself in a legal battle initiated by Walt Disney Company, Deltamac (Taiwan) Co., Autoai Design Co., KKTV Co., and Garage Play on the ground that AmoGood’s act of putting together the snippets of original movies as short clips constitute infringement.  

 Confronting these companies’ accusation, AmoGood maintained and insisted that his use of these movies was reasonable and should be defined as derivative works of the original ones.  The aforesaid companies have produced a scene-by-scene analysis as exhibit to prove AmoGood’s infringement.  The prosecutor investigated and indicted AmoGood for his violation of Article 92 of the Taiwan Copyright Act by his act of adaptation that involves business interests.  (June 2018)
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