Association of Corporation Patent Executives and AsiaIPEX ink MOU

E161202Y5・E161202Z5 Jan. 2017(E206)
Association of Corporate Patent Executives and Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX) signed the MOU on strategic cooperation on December 2, 2016 to introduce Taiwanese patents to the world.  

As the secretary general of the Association of Corporate Patent Executives indicated, Taiwan’s technology industry has been confronting the trend of industrial upgrading and transformation.  To cope with such a trend, Taiwanese enterprises should set about selling their unnecessary and outdated patents to others as the cost and expenses for maintaining their patents must arise proportionately with the number of patents they have been holding.  The other method of converting patents into cash is licensing, which is now comparatively less operable by most Taiwanese enterprises in the technology industry. 

Outdated patents, however, are not going begging.  According to the secretary general, future technologies are always the final destination of a lot of enterprises, while outdated patents are the process.  The fact is that outdated patents are inviting to many Chinese buyers who are able to assist in eliminating outdated and unnecessary patents.  That is why the Association of Corporate Patent Executives chooses to be part of the Asia IP Exchange platform to facilitate patent trading. 

Asia IP Exchange is an online intellectual properties trading platform and database and has been officially launched since the end of 2013 with an aim to facilitate international IP trade and connect IP players globally.  AsiaIPEX has more than 30 partners around the world and features more than 27,000 tradable IP listings including patents, copyrights, and trademarks.  

In addition to the Association of Corporate Patent Executives, in the ceremony for the MOU inking, Asia IPEX also signed cooperative agreements with British Columbia Institute of Technology and Okinawa Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation to enhance IP information exchanges between the industry and the academia.  (December 2016)  
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