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PATENT DEPT. SECTION II (U.S.A. & European countries)
(Electric & Electronic Engineering, Semiconductor)

Current Position



Recruited 1989

Electric & Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University (B.S., 1984);
Franklin Pierce Law Center, U.S.A. (DIP., 1998)


Patent Law, Patent Search, Patent Drafting, Semiconductor, Electronics, Integrated Circuits, Communications, and Software Invention.


Taiwanese, Mandarin and English

Chief, Patent Department. Section II (U.S.A. & European countries), TIPLO Attorneys-at-Law
Nelson Yu, Chief of Patent Dept, Sec II at TIPLO, is a senior manager of Patent Dept at TIPLO. He became a patent engineer specialized in patent prosecution and infringement analysis for more than twenty years.
After obtaining his EE bachelor degree from national Taiwan University, Nelson has worked for a computer company as a hardware engineer for three years before joined TIPLO in 1989. Under the sponsorship of TIPLO and encouraged by the Founder of TIPLO Mr. M. S. Lin, Nelson spent nearly a year at F.P.L.C in N.H. of the U.S. in 1998 pursuing a diplomat degree in IP during 1998. He became the senior manager of Patent Department at TIPLO since 2006.
Nelson is especially knowledgeable in patent drafting and prosecution and assessment in the high tech areas including circuit design, semiconductor, communication, and computer software field. He helps outstanding global companies like Intel, Apple, Sun Microsystem, Genesis and many others in practicing and enforcing their patents in Taiwan and worldwide.