Taiwan IPO grants the National Invention and Creation Award to outstanding inventions for 2018
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 As reported in Taiwan IPO’s press release, after discreet and thorough review and examination for four months, a total of 41 outstanding patent entries were selected to win six golden prizes, twenty silver prizes in the invention category, and five golden prizes and ten silver prizes in the creation category for the 2018 National Invention and Creation Award held by Taiwan IPO, and these prizes were awarded on April 26, 2019.  Most of the winning patents have been commercialized along with market potential and immense commercial opportunities.  Patent commercialization would contribute to economic beneficial results for innovation protection.  

  The prize winning patents involves technologies of photoelectric liquid crystal, information and communication, biopharmaceutics, medical appliances, textile, smart machinery, circular ecology, and so forth.  They fulfill the needs of the industries of Taiwan, carrying not only novelty, high practical value, but also immense market potential.  

1.  Semiconductor optoelectronics to build superiority with technology

  Semiconductor is a significant industry that pushes forward the economic development of Taiwan and also stands as an industry in which Taiwan people take pride.  Likewise, with sustained innovation and breakthrough, photoelectric industry has also been stepping up industrial growth in Taiwan.  In invention category, the winning invention “Controllable optical device and the forming method thereof” makes use of high resistance material layer in semiconductor to bring about the effect of gradient partial pressure, forming a gradient electric field to control the alignment of liquid crystal molecule and ultimately to create outstanding focusing quality.  At the same time, the manufacturing process is completely compatible with the current TFT-LCD, applicable to liquid crystal lens of all kinds of modes and sizes, such as, light field floating display, 3D endoscope, and AR glass.  Carrying immense market potential, this invention has been transferred to many suppliers in the photoelectric industry under technology transfer contract.  

  In optical measurement category, the winning patent “Spectrometer, manufacturing method for waveguide of spectrometer and structure thereof” presents the first-ever technology that uses silicon wafer waveguide used in spectrometer for semiconductor and microelectromechanical technology to solve the problems of polishing, cutting, assembly positioning, and mass production and increase yield rate up to 95% and also reduce manufacturing cost at the same time.  This technology goes ahead in its industry to forge and sustain its superiority over its competitors on the market.   

2.  Biopharmaceutics to demonstrate eminence with research and development
  As one of the “5 plus 2” industries under the “5 plus 2” industrial innovation development program, biomedical industry spurs economic growth and attends to people’s health and welfare by boosting industrial upgrading with continued research and development.  Also in invention category, the winning patent titled “Pharmaceutical compositions of carotenoid” is a botanical drug consisting of carotenoid extracted from tomatoes for treating prostate hyperplasia in males and is undergoing the phase III clinical trials both in Taiwan and the US.  It has significant market potential because it will be the first new oral botanical medication indicated for the treatment of prostate hyperplasia after its drug marketing approval has been granted.  

  Another winning patent titled “Quinoxaline compounds, method for preparing the same and use thereof” can effectively contain the activity of the RAF kinase through the structure of quinoxaline derivatives to selectively kill cancer cells with mutated BRAF gene.  Tumor grown can be evidently suppressed with low-dose oral administration.  The winning patent has its competitiveness in international market and is worth being developed as its in vivo and in vitro anti-cancer activity and safety are both superior to Vemurafenib and Dabrafenib.  Successfully put under technical licensing and approved for IND application by the US FDA, this patent will work with companion diagnostic reagents to serve as a more effective and safer precision medicine for treatment of cancer patients with BRAF mutation.  

3.  Smart machinery to bring about advancement with innovation 

  In the past few years, the Taiwan government has been actively promoting “smart machinery”, introducing intelligent technologies and create new ecology of smart machinery industry based on the outcome of precision machinery development and the energy of information and communication technology.  Also in invention category, the winning patent titled “Method for predicting machining quality of machine tool” is capable of real-time prediction of product quality, machine efficacy monitoring, and manufacturing process improvement with AVM (automatic virtual metrology) system, so as to avoid serious loss.  This technology uses intelligent system to produce good performance of machinery to largely enhance industrial competitiveness.  

  Moreover, another award winning patent titled “Automatic solar tracking adjustment/control apparatus of solar generation system” in machinery category uses cross dual axis, steel cable, pulley, and reel to enable solar panel to rotate almost by 180 degree by revolving around X and Y axis with a ±0.5°minor drive motion for solar tracking.  This invention is able to perform solar tracking and receiving at the biggest angle, largely increase electrical efficiency and grid utilization rate with earthquake-proof and wind-proof capability concurrently.  This invention has been patented and winning awards in more than 40 countries around the world.  Also, it has been practiced and utilized and well recognized in Taiwan and also in other countries.  This invention demonstrates the strong performance of intelligent invention.  (April 2019)