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No. Date News Article Issue
1 2020/05/05 Depo, Hyundai reach settlement in headlamp design patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
2 2020/05/28 MPI’s Job-hopping employees prosecuted for trade secret misappropriation Jun. 2020(E247)
3 2020/06/11 Commercial success recognized for the first time as a factor to determine inventive step by the Taiwan IP Court Jun. 2020(E247)
4 2020/05/15 Gigastorage ruled to pay damages to Philips in DVD patent lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
5 2020/05/27 Local well-known restaurant wins trademark infringement lawsuit Jun. 2020(E247)
6 2020/04/07 Sharp sues OPPO for patent infringement in Taiwan May. 2020(E246)
7 2020/04/09 Taiwan CIB busts biggest and most-visited piracy website May. 2020(E246)
8 2020/04/28 Taiwan-Japan permanent PPH MOTTAINAI program takes effect as of May 1, 2020 May. 2020(E246)
9 2020/04/04 Man ordered to pay damages for selling counterfeit Pokémon products online May. 2020(E246)
10 2020/04/04 Local chain wholesale store Kuang Nan found not guilty for selling pirated UNO cards May. 2020(E246)
11 2020/03/13 TIPO releases Taiwanese patent information regarding Covid-19 clinical trial drugs Apr. 2020(E245)
12 2020/03/20 Taiwan IPO launches “Fast Track” trademark examination mechanism on May 1, 2020 Apr. 2020(E245)
13 2020/03/13 Local well-known bookstore, Eslite loses trademark infringement lawsuit against Champion Moving Company Apr. 2020(E245)
14 2020/02/20 Taiwan’s Hon Hai, HTC, Quanta Computer, and ITRI named Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators Mar. 2020(E244)
15 2020/02/13 Taiwan Supreme Administrative Court finds in favor of Largan Precision Co., Ltd. in utility model patent dispute Mar. 2020(E244)
16 2020/02/06 TIPO releases statistics of patent applications and grants for 2019 Mar. 2020(E244)
17 2020/02/06 Taiwan IPO released IPR statistics for 2019 Mar. 2020(E244)
18 2020/02/16 Trademark squatting occurs to the two Chinese character “鼎旺” mark held by local well-known hot pot store Mar. 2020(E244)
19 2020/02/13 Double taxation avoidance act between Taiwan and Czech to take effect in 2021 Mar. 2020(E244)
20 2020/01/22 HTC receives favorable judgment in a patent lawsuit against 2 Chinese smartphone makers and wins TWD28.6 million in damages Feb. 2020(E243)
21 2020/01/01 Partial amendment to Trade Secrets Act passed to embrace “confidentiality order for investigation” system Feb. 2020(E243)
22 2019/12/11 Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association issues “2020 White Paper on Intellectual Property” Jan. 2020(E242)
23 2019/11/26 Taiwan IPO announces draft amendments to Trademark Act Jan. 2020(E242)
24 2019/12/04 Draft amendment to Foreign Trade Act clear legislative floor to crack down on false labeling Jan. 2020(E242)
25 2020/12/18 Taiwan’s legislature greenlights draft bill to establish Intellectual Property and Commercial Court Jan. 2020(E242)
26 2019/11/06 Semiconductor-related inventions comprise the most invention patent applications in Taiwan in 2019 Dec. 2019(E241)
27 2019/11/28 A local six-star physical checkup clinic lost a trademark dispute lawsuit to Taiwan Adventist Hospital Dec. 2019(E241)
28 2019/11/05 Local bike manufacturer, Aster Bikes, found liable for infringement by making a false claim of co-branding with Ferrari Dec. 2019(E241)
29 2019/10/30 Taiwan IPO and JPO ink MOU on Patent Prosecution Highway Nov. 2019(E240)
30 2019/10/30 Taiwan IPO and JPO sign MOU on design patent priority document exchange Nov. 2019(E240)
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