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Industry and academic institutions join hands to organize AI on Chip Taiwan Alliance for AI business
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 Battle for AI business opportunity around the world is going fierce.  Playing the role of the core brain, AI chips will not only be the key component of future smart technologies but also provide a new opportunity for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.  Under the guidance of the Board of Science and Technology (BOST) of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), manufacturers, academic and research institutions work together to organize the “AI on Chip Taiwan Alliance” (AITA) on July 2, 2019.  

 AITA teams up with TSIA (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association) and brings together more than 50 semiconductors and ICTs of Taiwan and from other countries to work on three main projects of (a) constructing the AI ecosystem by connecting AI chips and system application to take the lead in AI-related business opportunities, (b) developing key technologies by following the industry to develop core advanced technology and further to boost Taiwan’s AI industry upgrading, and (c) accelerating product development by formulating and promoting relevant specification standards to expedite AI product development.  AITA will also build up a SIG (Special Interest Group) corresponding to technical demands to connect with the academic and research fields.  The ultimate goal of AITA is to integrate system application, form a complete and new AIoT echosystem to enable semiconductor industry to establish concrete and definite directions of business in AIoT application so as to snatch new business opportunities.  (July 2019)