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National Tsing Hua University goes ahead of the world to develop the first-ever spray synthesis process for preparing perfect multicolor PQDs
E190605Y5 | Jul. 2019(E236) Back    
 The team led by Dr. Hao-Wu Lin of Department of Materials, Science and Engineering of Taiwan National Tsing Hua University successfully developed an innovative technology titled “Spray synthesis technique to fabricate multi-color PQDs with excellent emission properties” by using simple and cost-effective spray synthesis technology to create perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) with near 100% quantum yield, high color purity, and good emission stability.  Also, the emission wavelength and spectra of the PQDs created possess an ultra-broad color gamut to be applicable to various display technologies.  Moreover, this innovative research result has been featured in the journal, Advanced Materials.  

  Dr. Lin’s team has not only successfully broken through the previously poor crystallization and instability of PQDs.  The spray process also largely extends the feasibility of mass production in industry.  This innovative technology has been successfully patented in Taiwan.  Moreover, Seoul National University and University of Tennessee of the U.S. have also sought cooperation because of the new technology, which forges Taiwan’s position on the international market to outshine other countries based on the scientific performance.  (June 2019)