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ITRI and Kwang Yang Motor join hands to develop AI-based power management system for electric scooters
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 Electric scooter users will no longer be bothered by the circumstances that their electric scooters are not fully charged or in low power.  Supported by the technology development program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Kwang Yang Motor Co. (Kwang Yang) inked an agreement for developing an AI-based energy management system for electric scooters on January 21, 2019.  Under this agreement, ITRI and Kwang Yang will cooperate to focus on 36 technologies concerning “dynamic power estimation based on self-learning” to develop AI-based electric scooters of the new era.  Equipped with such technologies, the AI-based power management system makes dynamic estimation of remaining power and analyzes users’ riding habit based on self-learning and thereby analyzes power consumption rate under varying running distances.  

 According to Mr. Alex, Y. M. Peng, the executive vice president of ITRI, the cooperation between ITRI and Kwang Yang opens a new era especially for the AI-based power management system.  In generally circumstances, battery life and remaining power may vary with different climate and environment.  The power management system can precisely estimate the remaining running distance available for users with errors less than 5% no matter in high or low temperature.  Besides, with the power management system, electric scooters are under remote monitoring and control of power use, so that users can receive warning before power is exhausted, which makes the electric scooters with AI-based power management system different from and superior to other electric scooters.  

 Kwang Yang’s general manager pointed out that Kwang Yang has been working with ITRI for more than twenty years to achieve a lot of brilliant performances.  Their recent cooperation in 17 cases has resulted in the successful developments of 36 technologies concerning electric scooters.  Those technologies are able to reinforce the energy management system, control system, motor cooling system, and anti-theft system of electric scooters.  (January 2019)