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Guanta Computer named among Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators as a newcomer
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 Clarivate Analytics published the annual report of the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2018-19 on January 23, 2019.  Taiwan has made appearance in the list for six consecutive years with Hon Hai and ITRI joining the list for two consecutive years on account of their respective sustained outstanding performance in the indicators of patent application-to-grant success rate and patent influence.  Taiwan-based Guanta Computer made its debut with its prominent improvement in the indicators of global reach of the portfolio and patent influence.  

 According to the general manager of Clarivate Analytics Taiwan, ITRI’s high ranking in the indicator of patent influence has revealed its technological superiority and visibility and its influence on industrial innovation, while Hon Hai’s stellar achievement in the aspect of patent application-to-grant success rate demonstrates its outstanding performance in the quality and quantity of innovation.  As a matter of fact, Guanta Computer had almost risen to the top 100 global innovators in the past few years, and in 2018, Guanta Computer finally broke into the top 100 global innovators list by its distinguished achievement in the aspects of global reach of its patent technologies and patent influence.  

 Among the organizations or enterprises in the hardware and electronics industries that were identified as the most innovative ones in 2018, Cisco and Xiaomi also got their respective entry into list in addition to Guanta Computer.  There are other four companies that appear in the list for the very first time, which are BYD, JEF Steel, Kaspersky Lab, and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.  

 As revealed in Clarivate Analytics’ press release, following the continuous trend in 2017, the global innovation hub has been shifting from west to east.  Asian leads the top 100 list with 48 organizations and enterprises recognized as the top innovators, followed by the United States with 33 companies, and Europe, with 19.  Russia joins the list for the first time as a result of the inclusion of the Russia-based software company, Kaspersky Lab, into the list.  In addition, representation among different industry sectors was stable in 2018.  The hardware and electronics industries remain on top of the list.  It is noteworthy that the number of the aerospsace and defense organizations admitted into the global innovators list had doubled.  Other noticeable changes are that the number of organizations or companies in the chemical and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and oil, gas and energy industries slightly dropped.  (January 2019)