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A Taiwanese man arrested for selling bogus Amiibo cards involving value over TWD3 million
E190211X3.E190211Y3 | Mar. 2019(E232) Back    
 A 35-year-old man in Taiwan was arrested for the acts of purchasing a lot of bogus Amiibo cards on Chinese website for sale.  The First Company of the Criminal Investigation Brigade under the Second Special Police Corps acted upon a complaint to initiate a raid action on this man to seize a total of 6,850 NFC-enabled fake Amiibo cards at the man’s home located in Xinyi District of Taipei City.  These seized Amiibo cards involved total value of TWD3 million dollars approximately.  

 This man purchased these phony cards in bulk from Taobao in China and further dumped them in large quantity with the advertising representations, such as “cards with NFC functionality included but not Amiibo figures” or “NSNFC item cards, collectible cards, and homemade cards” at the price of TWD16 each.  However, Nintendo has never manufactured this kind of product but simply Amiibo figures priced at TWD500~600 each.  The police has referred this case to relevant prosecutors office for violation of Taiwan Copyright Act.  (February 2019)