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Filing a mark and securing it in Taiwan can be complicated if legal counsel is not sought in the early stages. Over 70,000 trademark applications have been filed every year since 1990, and more than 50,000 trademarks are registered each year. While the first-to-file principle provides simple rules and clarity, it also creates loopholes for mark-robbers to preempt the mark of others by fraudulently filing for registration of the mark before the owner does.

TIPLO has been devoted to trademark services in Taiwan for more than thirty years, and we know how to fit the global needs of our clients into the domestic practice of Taiwan.

The exclusively owned and in-house created/operated database comprising all registered marks in Taiwan is the most advanced reference source that TIPLO's experts can use during filing, opposition, invalidation or cancellation proceedings for or against a given mark.

Experienced legal practitioners are involved in TIPLO's trademark services so each application and trademark related dispute is steered by highly proficient legal and well-trained business perspectives.

TIPLO's experience in trademark matters includes prosecution for registration, all appeal procedures, oppositions, invalidation and cancellation procedures, and legal disputes where investigation, police raids and full-scale litigation for infringement are required. Our Legal Division successfully provides the most complete protection sought by our clients.


Copyright protection has long been enjoyed by U.S. based enterprises and citizens upon creation of the work, and could further extend to all WTO member states after Taiwan accedes to that organization. With severe penalties imposed by the law and the government's pro-copyright owner attitude, copyright enforcement in Taiwan has now become a very practical concern for most copyright owners worldwide. TIPLO's expertise in copyrights traces back to the sixties, and our large work force has helped our clients to successfully exercise their rights in the market. As with trademark related issues, TIPLO's solid law enforcement team stands as the backbone of the firm's excellent legal services.